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Peri Smilow


Peri Smilow's Complete Discography

Peri's songs found in other collections

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"Down by the Riverside", Craig Taubman Presents Travel Songs for Kids and Parents (2012)

"Ha Lachma Anya", Seder Songs (2012)

"Kavanah", Immersed, Music for Mayyim Hayyim (2007)

"One Small Step", Ruach 5767: New Jewish Tunes (2007)

"Nishmat Kol Chai", Immersed, Music for Mayyim Hayyim (2007)

"Thank You God", Good Morning, Good Night: Jewish Children's Songs for Daytime and Bedtime

"Ashrey", Ruach 5761: New Jewish Tunes (2001)

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