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Peri Smilow


Hillel Omer

from: Ashrey
Music and lyrics by Peri Smilow
From Pirkei Avot  

Hillel omer ohev shalom v’rodef shalom (2x)

Ohev et ha briot
U’m’karvan la torah
Hillel, Hillel omer

Hillel omer al ti-fros min ha-tsibor
B’makom she ayn anashim
Hishtadel l’hiot ish  (chorus)

Love peace and pursue it
Love all God’s creatures, just do it
The crown of Torah wear it proudly

Hillel omer ohev shalom v’rodef shalom (2x)


Keter Torah

Hillel says love peace and pursue it.
Love your fellow creatures and draw near to the Torah.
Hillel says don’t separate yourself from the community.
In a place where no one behaves like a human being,
strive to be human.

updated: 12 years ago