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Peri Smilow


One Small Step

Music and lyrics by Peri Smilow
© 1997 Peri Smilow  (BMI)

Nachshon ben Aminidav was just one face in the crowd
He was tired and he was hungry
He was scared but he was proud
He had walked across the desert
To escape slavery
But now he’s caught between his task masters
And the waters of the Red Sea

Pharoah and his armies were comin’ up fast from behind
And the Israelites were arguing
They were of two minds
Some said we should turn around
Go back to what we know
Slavery can’t be half as bad as drowning

You gotta take one small step (3x)
for freedom

The other side, well, they were very few
Said no this can not be
We can’t go back, we’ve come so far
In fleeing slavery
If we just stay put we think you’ll find
That God will make a move
And a miracle will save us all - just wait (chorus)                
No one noticed Nachshon over by the rippling tide
He had one foot in the water, his shoes at his side
He took one step then another
Until he barely could breathe
And just when the world went dark
The water parted
And we were free         (chorus)        

updated: 12 years ago