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Peri Smilow


Make Those Waters Part

Words and Lyrics by Doug Mishkin
© Doug Mishkin.  (Used by permission)

Let us retell the story
Of our struggle for the Promised Land
Let us remember how freedom is won
So our children will understand
Once we were strangers in Egypt
Our people and our land were apart
But when Moses stood before that troubled sea
He could make those waters part        

Once we were slaves in America
We were given white men’s names
They scattered our families
They shattered our lives while they kept us bound in chains
Then we marched strong in Selma
We looked the racists right in the heart
When Martin stood before those troubled seas
He could make those waters part

Somewhere tonight lives a free man
Somewhere else freedom’s just a song of the heart
We must find the river flowing between them
And we must make those waters part

Troubled seas rising around us
Sometimes the Promised Land seems hidden from view
So we retell these stories
That’s how we start
To make those waters part

updated: 12 years ago